Week 4!!!!

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Week 4!!!!

Post by BSIMS on Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:28 pm

Here is some stuff on OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, and ports and protocols

You will have a 220-901 PRETEST next week on MONDAY. It will be 100 questions. The questions will be coming from out of the exam software, dont know which questions, but they will be from there. THAT is why I keep bringing up the exam software. NOT only do I use it to test you, but some of the EXACT questions from the ACTUAL exam are in there. It is THAT important. IT is grind time!!! You have a busy week this week and a busy weekend.

Week 4: Reading/homework
Student Reading Assignment:
1. A+ Guide to Hardware – Chap 15-19
• Supporting Network Hardware.
• Supporting Printers and Customizing a System.
2. Review Chapters and study for the Exam

Mike Myers and Plurasight
(Give it some time to fully upload, the plurasight stuff is up and the Professor MEsser info is up, the Mike Myers will be done doing the day sometime, it is uploading now.

Professor Messer


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