Weeks 2,3 extended

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Weeks 2,3 extended

Post by BSIMS on Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:52 am

I am extending out this portion due to the holidays and the craziness with the class schedule. (by the way, Ive fixed that video in BIOS (Mike Myers) and the complete video is in there for POST. Below is the ACTUAL lesson plan for week 3. Please try your best to get caught up, from week all the way up to week 3....Homework and all. The homework is VERY important, because when you do your homework, you are forced to go through the material. Going through the material is also the most important because this is how you get the information, and once you have it in you, nobody can take it away! We have some catching up to do, so its gonna be hard work, but you CAN do it! I NEED you to get caught up so that we can continue to move forward and transition into the always and fun, interesting and exciting networking portion of the 220-901. I am adding links for the networking portion now, so that you can get a glimpse of it, or better yet, start studying it! (Networking is my FAVORITE! and it is usually the most exciting part of the class, we always have fun with it) Make sure you are testing yourself and studying with the testing software...THIS IS KEY!!!! Thanks

Unit 3: Reading/homework
Student Reading Assignment:
1. A+ Guide to Hardware – Chap 6-9-14
• Supporting Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices.
• Supporting I/O Devices.
• Connecting To and Setting Up a Network
2. Review Chapters and study for the Exam
3. Use LIRN -- Research Intel and AMD processors and describe the pros and cons of each one. OR
4. Research and explain the function of BIOS and how to properly upgrade from an older version.

Links for info: (make sure you DOWNLOAD them to your computers for easier access)

Powerpoints - Go through them as you come upon them chapterwise, compare the title to the info

PDFS - Great info here, visuals to help you out as you study

Mike Myers
BIOS - https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZn7GPZNzEBpR1PcpjpOW7DrmEhXbvwK3RV

Week 3 Bundle
As for now, Only the 8-12 are on the Mike Myers for this weeks portion, the rest will upload as the days goes, so give it some time, but, there is plenty more with the others! I'll let you know once the other stuff is finished, that or just check periodically throughout the day.

Professor Messer (I been wanting to add these, just purchased a couple of weeks ago for you guys to study from)
Section 1 - Hardware

Section 2 - Networking


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