Week 2 Study Info

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Week 2 Study Info

Post by BSIMS on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:27 pm

Good afternoon class. Here is the info for week 2, unit 2 on your syllabus. Please take advantage of the materials I am sharing with you. I always express that they are valuable and will only help you and the info I am giving you doesnt come around often...for free! (It costs ME tho..lol) I believe in blessing others, as you already know, so please handle the info with care and take FULL advantage of it!

Also, please dont forget to use the testing software. Week one I wanted you guys to go thru the Hardware section on the test (I believe it was within the 184Q set with the categories and on the other one, I wanted you guys to do 1-15. This week, I expect you guys to go thru the following:

Read thru the required Unit 2 or Week 2 reading that is listed on the syllabus
go thru the videos as a supplement to the reading
Test/go thru hardware section on test 184Q
Do questions 16-30 on 254Q set
Week 2 homework (Terms and Theory)

Links (I am still debating on if I will upload one more link with different material. I will let you know if I do) The pdfs that you have downloaded should have the necessary info in them for this week as well, if not, let me know (I will check on that too just to make sure)



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